How To Use Auto Fwd SMS

This page has how-to videos plus a detailed PDF User Guide. Please see below.


Auto Forward SMS has the following functions:

Please note the app cannot forward images (MMS) but will send you an alert to say you have received an MMS.


  • Have ALL incoming text messages from your Android phone forwarded to another phone and/or an email address. The app will append the original sender's number to the forwarded SMS

  • Filter by SMS-body keywords. Note keyword filter works on BODY TEXT of SMS only, not the SENDER NAME (SenderID). To forward SMS from a WORD sender (example: CIB-BANK or Uber or ANZBANK etc), use Create Task and use WORD as the FROM number.

  • You can exclude certain phone numbers from forwarding (handy to exclude any Tasks' numbers - more info in Create Tasks below)

  • App also has a Low Battery Alert (15%), which you can setup a text and email address to send warnings to

  • Can also forward Missed Call Notifications to your phone and/or email address.


  • If you use Auto Forward SMS for forwarding texts to your email address, you may find this optional extra handy. The app allocates a Unique Mobile Email Address (UMEA) to your phone. So when you get a forwarded SMS in Gmail, you will be able to reply DIRECTLY to that SMS from Gmail. The app converts your reply back into an SMS "FROM" your mobile number. The original sender only ever sees your conversation as text messages FROM your mobile number. Plus a copy of any conversations are also on your phone.

  • The cost is a low monthly subscription via your Google Play account so we never see your details. This feature is total optional and the app works normally without it. Only difference is, once subscribed you can reply from GMail. More info here. Reply From Email - Subscription


This optional service is actually a 2nd app which you install on your Phone 2 Android phone. This 2nd app PAIRS with your Phone 1 main app. When any SMS are forwarded from Phone 1 to Phone 2, you can reply to the ORIGINAL SENDER, and your reply will show to the sender as coming from Phone 1.

So you can use Phone 1 as your "public" phone number, but get SMS forwarded to Phone 2 (app 2) and you can reply without revealing your private number to the ORIGINAL SENDER. Remote control replies! More info here. Reply From Phone 2 - Subscription


  • Create Tasks to have SMS from specific numbers auto-forwarded to specific contacts and/or groups. Example: SMS from 2024444444 forwarded to my Tennis Group contacts. You can have MULTIPLE Tasks running on the app.

  • If you get SMS from a sender who uses a WORD instead of number, the app can handle this too.

  • You can also filter by keywords.

  • Pre-pend function so you can add extra words to the start of the message to be forwarded (like a personal note).

  • Also forward to email addresses (max 5).

  • NOTE: if you want to run both TASKS + FWD ALL INCOMING SMS function, the app will also forward Tasks (because you told it to FWD ALL). To stop this, just add the Tasks' FROM number/s in FWD ALL INCOMING SMS "Do Not Send From This Number" field to exclude it.


  • If you are a developer, you can use our free API within the app to have any text messages forwarded to a URL. There's more info here: Forward To A URL

  • Please note the app cannot forward MMS, or any attachments like sounds files. But it will forward emojis!


  • Be careful replying to a forwarded SMS from your Phone 2, in case you accidentally reply to your Phone 1. This will create ping pong between your 2 phones! If ping pong happens simply switch the app to OFF, and reboot.

  • If you do want to reply to the ORIGINAL SENDER from Phone 2, open up the text message on Phone 2, tap and HOLD the FROM number at the end of the SMS to bring up your phone's options screen.

  • PLEASE NOTE that if you do reply to the ORIGINAL SENDER from Phone 2, your reply will NOT appear to come from Phone 1 (where the app is). So if you want to keep your Phone 2 number secret, we don't recommend replying this way. We'd recommend replying from email and having a UMEA (see REPLY FROM EMAIL above.)

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We're confident the app does what it says (and we test it often). BUT there is no such thing as a 100% guarantee that your Contacts will get a forwarded SMS from your phone via the app. The app relies on external factors beyond our control, such as your telco's reliability, your phone being on and/ or in a good reception area, you having enough SMS credits, plus any errors in the software which may cause the app not to work. We strongly advise you not to use the app as the only "first response" in any emergency or critical situation. Always have a backup plan. By buying the app you acknowledge and agree with this statement. Please view our terms , or contact us with any questions.