AutoForward SMS

Privacy Policy

Who we are

The AutoForward SMS Android app (AutoForward SMS) is owned and developed by Challenge 21, LLC. We are bound by US privacy law.

This page describes Challenge 21 LLC’s privacy policy and our firm promise to you that we will never, ever knowingly or willingly breach your privacy.

Data Collection – This website & If you contact us

If you contact us via email or form or the live chat via this website or directly from the app link or send us a text message requesting help, we usually keep a copy of your email or SMS so we can attend to your support query or request and follow up with you if necessary. If you’d like us to delete all email or SMS correspondence immediately or after a shorter period, we are happy to do this. We do not ask or collect sensitive information and have no need to. Any information we DO have stays with us, and we never ever disclose it to any person outside our company.

We use Google Analytics, which is owned by Google and hosted in the USA or UK. If you visit our website, your browser may download a “cookie” that stores info on your browser. For more info on cookies, check out this info from Nortons.

The info we can see is:

  • your IP address
  • most times a country
  • date and time of your visit
  • the length of your visit
  • the pages which you are on
  • the number of times you visited our site
  • sometimes a referring website
  • sometimes an email address if you volunteer this to us for followup
  • the operating system which your PC or phone has (Windows, Android, iPhone, etc)

The AutoForward SMS App

The app is sold by direct download from this website, which we’ll discuss in detail below. We do not sell our app in any other place/store.

If you’ve purchased the app from any other place, please let us know so we can take legal action and get those copies removed.

When you purchase the app, it is a native app downloaded to your phone. With your express permission, the app automatically reads incoming text messages and forwards these to the email addresses or URLs you specify. The app forwards this information to our servers for further processing. All data is deleted as soon as the forwarding is completed. In rare circumstances, when a message can not be forwarded immediately, we might keep a copy of your data so that we can retry its delivery.

Our app does NOT look at any of your social media nor any internet-based messaging (like Hangouts or Messenger) as it is purely an SMS forwarding app. SMS means Short Message Service and is a text message.

The app asks for the following permissions:

  • SMS Why? So the app can “see” and forward the incoming message.
  • STORAGE Why? To store app updates before installing them.

You can choose the disable permission on any of these, but it will affect the app’s functions.

Amazon Appstore

Previous versions of our app have been available on the Amazon Appstore.

Amazon is subject to its own privacy provisions and terms as governed by its privacy policy and agreement with you as an Amazon customer. For any app sales or in-app subscription services, these are all purchased by you via your Amazon account. Amazon holds your information in countries such as the USA and the UK subject to their own Privacy Settings along with your settings that you granted to Amazon and the permissions you granted within the app itself after installation (this is Android security). The only info we see after a sale is an order number and country and maybe phone type. There is no personally identifiable information that is shown to us.

Push Messaging

Most apps contain the ability to send “push messages” or “in-app messages”. Within the app, we have included the software from Google FireBase which enables us to send you an in-app message if necessary. Push messaging is completely anonymous and mostly used to notify all users about an upcoming update.

Bug Monitoring & Reporting

Within the app’s code, we have included code that can monitor app crashes and malfunctions (FireBase), which is owned by Google. There is absolutely no way we can identify whose phone it is. FireBase simply provides the phone make and model and what the issue was. The information provided contains no personal data.

Social Media Logins

AutoForward SMS for Android allows you to use your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google) accounts for login purposes. When login with such an account, you give express permission that we obtain your email address and store it in our system for the purpose of associating it with your data.

Should you wish to get your data deleted, please contact us. Contact information can be found here.

European Countries & GDPR

If you reside in the EEA, we store certain details (as discussed above) and process information about you only where we have your express permission (you installing the app and subscribing) for doing so under applicable EU laws. We collect and use your information only where it’s required to enable the service to operate, provide technical support, and satisfies a legitimate interest that is not overridden by our duty to protect your data.

You have the absolute right to change your mind anytime, however, note that this does not affect any processing that has already been done in the past. Where we are using your information because we or a third party (such as those mentioned above) have a legitimate interest to do so, you have the right to object to that use and demand that we remove any records we may hold. But this may mean no longer using the app.

We use third-party services as mentioned above (Amazon, Google, VentraIP) to make the app work. But we cannot be held responsible for any issues or problems that arise with these companies that may affect our app. If we become aware of any problems, we will notify you via a push message where possible, and on this website and remedy any situation as soon as possible.