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Auto Forward SMS For Android

Have ALL INCOMING text messages forwarded to your other phone and/or email address. And/or fwd only CERTAIN SMS to your selected Contacts.

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SMS Forwarder

Auto Forward SMS for Android

Install Auto Forward SMS on the Android phone you need to forward SMS from.

You can have SMS auto-forwarded to any other phone type. Example: your work phone or friends.

Auto Forward SMS Features

Handy Forward ALL Function.
Or Auto-Share SMS With Your Contacts and Others Who Need To Know.

Forward SMS to your 2nd phone

No need to carry 2 phones. Auto-fwd from your Android to another phone.

Fwd from specific numbers

Create Tasks to forward specific texts from specific numbers, to selected Contacts.

Also fwd to email

Have ALL incoming text messages fwded to up to 5 email addresses.


Keyword filtering

Have SMS ONLY WITH SPECIFIC KEYWORDS forwarded. Example: ALL incoming SMS with the word weather.

Low battery alert

Option to get an email & SMS alert when your app-enabled phone is at 15% battery.

Toggle On/Off

No need to uninstall when you need to pause forwarding.

Time-Saving Functions

Handy FORWARD ALL function

Have texts to your "old" phone forwarded to your new phone. App will append the original FROM number in this mode.

Enabled indicator

Fwd All Incoming button is green when ON. No need to unistall when not needed. Simply toggle ON/OFF anytime.

Keep track of IN/OUT SMS

Auto Forward SMS uses standard SMS. View IN/OUT SMS where you normally do (your phone's default Messaging).

Also FORWARD SMS to email

Just want SMS forwarded to your email? No problem. Keep backup copies of SMS on email. Note for fwded emails you can't reply to the SMS.

Forward From specific numbers

CREATE TASKS allows you to auto-fwd SMS from certain numbers to your selected contacts. Useful for alerts, news etc. You can have MULTIPLE Tasks.

Free support

Reputable Australian company in business for over 15 years. We offer you free support, plus welcome any feedback or feature requests.

easy to use

Runs on Android 4 and above.
You can forward to ANY phone that accepts text messages (iPhone, Windows, Nokia etc)

Checkout How it Works

Get Auto Forward SMS now on Google Playstore or Amazon

Purchase Auto Forward SMS safely & securely. Quick & easy to use. Have SMS forwarded from your old phone to your new phone and (optional) email address. Also Create Tasks to forward incoming SMS from CERTAIN NUMBERS to your Contacts.

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  • ...and we offer free support if you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I install the app?

On the phone you want SMS forwarded from.

Do phones I forward to need to install the app?

No, not at all. The app will forward FROM your Android phone to ANY phone type (Windows, Nokia, iPhone etc).

Can I buy Auto Forward SMS outside Google Play & Amazon?

No, the app is only available on these 2 stores. Please only buy apps from genuine platforms. Unauthorised sellers may alter an app's code and insert malware.

Can I use this as a spy app?

Absolutely not. Nor can you retrieve SMS from another cell phone. If you want to spy on someone, we do not want your business, sorry.

Does this work on iPhones?

No. Auto Forward SMS is for Android phones only.

Do I need to unistall the Auto Fwd app when I need to pause forwarding?

No, you can simply switch on and off without having to uninstall.

My Android is ancient. Will it work?

We have the app running on an OLD Galaxy (Android 2.0) and it has never missed a beat. BUT the updated app is built for Android 4+.

Does my phone need to be ON for SMS to forward to my other phone?

Yes it does as we are not a cell network operator....just a humble app! As Auto Forward SMS uses your phone's default text messaging facility, your phone needs to switched ON and able to receive/send text messages.

This app doesn't work. Can I get a refund?

Yes of course via Google Play or Amazon. But PLEASE contact us first if you have issues as most times we can fix them. We want you to be happy and use the app to be more efficient. We offer free support.

Got a question?

Need help using the Auto Forward SMS App? Please contact us at our Australian office. We welcome feedback or feature requests. Our office hours are weekdays 9am-6pm Melbourne time, however we do monitor emails outside office hours.

    Contact Us:
  • Email: support@autoforwardsms.com
  • Phone In Australia: 1300 668 287
  • Phone From Outside Aus: Call or SMS 61418384394

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