SMS Forwarding Plus Other Features

Have ALL INCOMING text messages forwarded to your other phone and/or email. Or forward certain SMS from specific numbers to your contacts.

Install Auto Forward SMS on the Android phone you need to forward SMS from. Have SMS auto-forwarded to ANY other phone (iPhone, Windows, Blackberry etc) or if you're a developer you can forward SMS to a webserver or API.

Check out the features:

Forward SMS from specific numbers

Create Tasks to auto-forward only CERTAIN texts from SPECIFIC NUMBERS to your selected Contacts. View info

Forward incoming texts to your email address or 2nd phone

Get incoming SMS auto-fwded to your email address and/or other phone. Handy if you need to keep copies of texts for legal or business reasons!. View info


Subscribe to Reply From Email so you can reply to forwarded SMS DIRECT FROM GMAIL. Replies go back to the ORIGINAL sender as an SMS "FROM" your mobile number. View info


Install App 2 pairing app on your 2nd phone (private phone?) to reply REMOTELY from your private phone but from yoru PUBLIC phone number! Optional subscription service. View info

Keyword filtering

Have only SMS with SPECIFIC KEYWORDS in the message body forwarded. Example: chocolate cake OR chocolate,cake.

Low battery alert

Optional email & SMS alert when your app-enabled phone is at 15% battery.

Toggle On/Off

No need to uninstall or delete tasks. Simply pause FWD ALL INCOMING SMS or TASKS anytime via ON/OFF switches.

Forward to a URL

Have incoming SMS forwarded to your URL or API automatically. View more info

Missed Call Notifications

Have missed call notices forwarded to your other number and/or email address. Forwarded Missed Call Alerts are time/date stamped.

SMS Forwarding Options

2 phones? Have texts to your "old" Android number forwarded to your new phone and/or your email address. The app will append the original sender's number to the forwarded SMS.

1 phone? Have incoming SMS forwarded to your email address. And the optional Reply From Email subscription lets you reply from Gmail back to the original sender. Your reply will be an SMS from your mobile number (where app is installed). Your original sender will never know you replied from Gmail!

fwd all incoming screen
auto forward sms home screen

Auto Forward SMS for Android is easy to use.

  • Developed by SMS Response Australia
  • In business for 16+ years
  • Feature requests always welcome!

We have a great development team, and offer you free support via email or Live Chat.


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  • 20 SEP 2018 NOTE: We had FORWARDING TO EMAIL issues last weekend, which are resolved. Please update the app to the latest version via GooglePlay (v 4.151) and RESTART your phone. Contact us if you still have issues.