SMS Forwarding App For Android

Have ALL INCOMING text messages forwarded to your email address.

Or if you're a developer, POST/forward SMS to a URL/API.

Or Create Tasks to forward certain SMS from specific numbers to your contacts and Groups.

Install Auto Forward SMS on the Android phone you need to forward SMS from. Have SMS auto-forwarded to an email address. Optional filtering by keyword or wildcard or number.

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auto fwd sms to email
auto fwd sms for android


  • Automatically forward incoming SMS to your email address.
  • App appends the original sender's number to the forwarded message.
  • Developers: forward SMS to a URL/API.
  • Toggle FWD ALL off when you don't need it.
  • Option: DO NOT forward SMS from certain numbers.
  • Option: Only forward SMS if the message body contains keyword/s.
  • Option: Missed call alerts.
  • Option: Low battery warning.
fwd all incoming screen


  • Only forward incoming SMS from a specific number or word to your contacts or Groups' email addresses.
  • *Wildcard forwarding option (*any number + keyword/s).
  • Developers: forward SMS to a URL/API.
  • Edit or Delete Tasks anytime
  • Toggle OFF/ON as you need them.

  • Advanced Settings Options:
    - Append sender's number to the forwarded SMS.
    - Add extra words to start of the forwarded SMS.
    - Only forward SMS if the message body contains keyword/s.

fwd all incoming screen


Have incoming text messages forwarded from your Android phone to a URL, for example an API.

This option is available both in FWD ALL INCOMING SMS and TASKS.

View more info here

post or forward sms to an API or URL

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