text messages forwarded automatically!

Forward ALL INCOMING text messages to your other phone & email address. And/or fwd only CERTAIN SMS to your selected Contacts.

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Install Auto Forward SMS on the Android phone you need to forward SMS from

Key features

  • Forward ALL Incoming SMS to another mobile phone number and/or email address (example from your old phone to your new phone, or personal phone to work phone or vice versa). View more info on Google Play

  • Option to forward ALL Incoming SMS to your 2nd phone and/or email address only if text contains a certain keyword. View more info on Google Play

  • Create Tasks to forward incoming SMS from CERTAIN NUMBERS to your Contacts. View more info on Google Play

  • Option to forward SMS from certain numbers to your Contacts only if they contain a certain keyword. View more info on Google Play

  • Please note: Auto Forward SMS is NOT a spy app and cannot retrieve messages from another phone.

  • NOTE: Other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc may interfere with our app's Forwarding. Please ensure DEFAULT message app is your phone's default message app. Example: on Galaxy Note the default Android app is Messaging


forward all incoming sms to another phone

Easy Forward All Incoming SMS

Above phone has been setup to FORWARD ALL incoming SMS to my new phone. Also option to fwd to email & filter by keywords.

View more info on Google Play
Forward all SMS Enabled button is now Green

Enabled Indicator on Main Screen

Button is now green to show ON. To DISABLE forwarding tap Forward All Incoming SMS. Then slide button to OFF. Turn ON/OFF anytime to pause/resume Forward All.

View more info on Google Play
see received and forwarded sms from your default messaging app on Android

Keep track of IN/OUT SMS

As Auto Forward SMS uses standard SMS, all incoming/outgoing SMS is shown in your phone's default Messaging app (where you normally view SMS).

View more info on Google Play


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Don't Miss A Text If You Change Phones

The Forward All Incoming SMS Function is handy if you have 2 phones, or a new phone

Keep Others In The Loop Automatically

Incoming SMS from certain numbers can be auto-forwarded to your staff, colleagues etc

Have 2 Phones? Forward From 1 To The Other

If you have a personal phone and business phone, forward texts from 1 to the other