AutoForward SMS


Pricing & Plans


Our app comes with a set of core features no matter which plan you are on.

Background Enabled

We forward messages no matter if your app runs in the back- or foreground.

Reliable Messaging

Advanced software makes sure no messages ever gets missed or lost.

Cloud Storage

All your settings are kept in the cloud and move with you from device to device.


All messages are deleted right after they have been processed.

E-Mail Forwarding

Forward your text message to one or more people.

URL Forwarding

Want to forward messages to another web-service? No problem!


Lite Plan


per month

Pro Plan


per month

Super Plan


per month

Ultra Plan


per month

All plans are available as yearly subscription with a 20% discount too. 

How do I subscribe?

Easy! Install the app, navigate to the Account tab and tap Manage subscription. The app will then take you to a secure payment portal where you can manage payment details, billing address as well as your plans.

Our app is used by thousands of people & companies from many countries including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Europe, UK, UAE, South Africa & other African countries…