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How can I uninstall AutoForward SMS for Android?

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Looking for a guide on how to uninstall the app from your phone? This guide will tell you how!

Uninstalling the app does not delete AutoForward SMS data from your phone so you easily (and safely) uninstall and reinstall the app without losing any of your configuration values.

Uninstall Manually

  1. Get your phone
    Unlock your phone and you will most likely be in your home screen.
    Android home screen
  2. Find your app
    Swipe up from the bottom to get a list of all your apps.
    Locate the app by its icon or key “AutoForward SMS” into the search bar on top of the screen.
    App overview screen
  3. Tap and hold
    Tap and hold AutoForward SMS’ icon until you get a little menu popping up.
    Tap “App info” to continue.
    Apps overview with popup menu open
  4. App info
    Inside the app info screen you will find two buttons labeled “UNINSTALL” and “FORCE STOP”.
    Tap “UNINSTALL”.
    App info screen
    Android will ask for you confirmation one last time before it removes the app from your phone.
    Tap OK if you want to proceed.
  5. Done
    That’s it – the app is now removed from your phone. Should you wish to reinstall it, you can have a look at our getting started guide.

Complete data deletion

If you want to delete not just the app itself but also all the data stored on your phone you’ll need to do the following.

  1. Start Uninstalling
    Start with the above steps to uninstall until your reach step number 4.
  2. Open Storage Settings
    Instead of tapping “UNINSTALL”, scroll down, look for Storage and tap it.
  3. Clear Cache & Storage
    Tap CLEAR CACHE, and after that CLEAR STORAGE.
    Uninstall Clear Storage
  4. Done
    All your app’s data is now deleted.
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