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Enjoy a 7-day free trial. Then, if you like the app, simply subscribe in-app via Stripe secure payments. Cancel anytime.

Start your free trial now. To install on your Android phone, tap button below:

After install you'll be asked to input your mobile number to receive a verification code, then your email to register the app to you. Your details are never ever disclosed to anybody. Ever!
If you have issues receiving the code, please email us & we'll give you a fresh code.

The app asks for the following permissions:

    Why? To enable Missed Call Alerts.
    Why? So the app can append name of the contact who sent you the SMS. If the sender is not in your Contacts, the forwarded message will show the sender's number.
  • SMS.
    Why? So the app can forward the incoming message according to your instructions.
    Why? To store logs and reports. Note all personal info on logs & reports is redacted with **** .
You can choose to deny permission on any of these, but it may affect the app's functions.

After downloading and opening app:

  • Enter your mobile number to receive your verification code via SMS (use your full number with the + and country code)
  • Wait for SMS, then enter verification code, then register your email address
  • Your 7 day trial starts
  • You'll be prompted at the trial end to subscribe. Note the app will stop working if you don't subscribe.
  • Your mobile number and email address registers the app to you, so if you get a new phone with the same number, you can use these same details to use your existing subscription.
  • The app is self-updating, so your phone should automatically detect any updates and prompt you.
  • Subscriptions are handled externally by Stripe. We NEVER see your card details, nor are they stored on the app.

Start your 7-day free trial now. To install on your Android phone, tap button below:

If you have any issues or questions, please contact us for free, prompt support:

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