Reply From Email. Optional In-App Subscription

Forward SMS to email. Reply from Gmail and have it come "FROM" from your mobile number!

Optional paid subscription

Auto Forward SMS can forward incoming SMS to your email. This optional add-on also allows you to reply DIRECTLY to that SMS from Gmail. The app converts your reply back into an SMS "FROM" your mobile number. The original sender only ever sees your conversation as text messages FROM your mobile number. And a copy of any conversations are also on your phone.

By subscribing to REPLY FROM EMAIL service, the app will allocate you a Unique Mobile Email Address (UMEA) which does the heavy lifting for you, and uses our domain name to allow a "2 way" exchange between the ORIGINAL SENDER'S SMS, Gmail, and your mobile phone.

You can now have incoming SMS forwarded to an email address, and then reply FROM GMAIL back to the ORIGINAL SENDER, and it appears to come from your mobile number.


This service is managed via your Google Play account. You can subscribe or unsubscribe anytime.

View example below. See how Kerri can respond to Olivia's incoming SMS from Gmail. Olivia sees it as a normal SMS chat..

reply to sms from gmail example conversation view

Quick Q&A

Q: I only use your app to forward SMS from Phone 1 to Phone 2. I don't need email at all. Do I need to subscribe for the app to work?

No. If you only use phone to phone, you do not need this add-in service as it only applies to replying to an SMS from email.

Q: I have SMS forwarded to my email but I don't need to reply to them. Do I need to subscribe?

No you don't. The app will do this for free for you now. It's only if you want to reply from email and have it LOOK like the reply is from your mobile number. This feature is totally optional and is not required for the app to function.

However, if you use the app mainly to forward incoming SMS to your email address AND you want to reply to SMS from Gmail and have it appear to come from your phone number, then we highly recommend subscribing to this Reply From Email service.

Q: Does my phone need to use wifi or be connected to the internet for REPLY FROM EMAIL to work?

Yes, because it needs an internet connection for the 2 way exchange between SMS and Email to work.

Phone 1 (where app is installed) needs to be internet-connected. And when you receive the forwarded SMS in your email, whether you read Gmail on a laptop or your phone, you will need internet connection via wifi or mobile data...

...but be careful with mobile data, especially if you are roaming and traveling, as telcos can be mean with roaming prices!! We advise using wifi when possible.

Note, if you have your app-installed phone NOT connected to the internet, and you turn it on, there may be a short delay when forwarded messages are processed and sent/received. Our testing showed about 5-10 minutes, but it may be longer depending on your telco. Let us know if you are having issues.

Q: If I subscribe, what happens if I buy a new phone?

The Reply From Email subscription is managed via your Google Playstore account. On your NEW phone, login to your Google Playstore account from your new phone, and your subscription will be restored.

Q: What happens if I cancel the Reply From Email subscription?

The app will continue to work, and you can still have SMS forwarded to your email address as normal. However the difference is you won't be able to reply to forwarded texts FROM Gmail anymore. Your UMEA will be removed and revert to the default (which is an unmanned email that does not manage replies).

Q: Will this Reply To Email conversation also appear on my mobile phone?

Yes. You will see the exchange in your Gmail and on your phone. Great for backup copies!

How does this service work?

optional email subscription

If you enable the subscription, your phone is allocated a Unique Mobile Email Address (UMEA) which allows our software & server to use your phone number to receive and reply to a text message via Gmail.

Because SMS and email are completely different technologies, we have built this function so the two applications can 'talk' with each other to exchange messages, and make this process invisible to you and your receiver (original sender).

This feature is not ideal for a long involved conversation. But having said that, it can handle conversations well. We prefer Gmail so it can Group messages from the same person. ENSURE YOU DO NOT CHANGE THE EMAIL SUBJECT LINE.

KNOWN ISSUE: if you reply twice in a row back to the sender (for example: Your 1st reply: "See you at 7pm", your 2nd reply straight after 1st: "Oh I forgot to say bring a wine"), make sure you remove extra text above the ==WRITE YOUR REPLY ABOVE THIS LINE== instructions in the email, otherwise your recipient may get untidy characters in your 2nd reply. We'll work on improving this in a future update. NOTE this does not happen with normal send/reply though..only in a "quick double reply" situation.


Why would you subscribe to this service?

  • Convenience. Handy if your phone is on the charger too!
  • Texting replies on small screens is not comfortable for some people and you may prefer replying to SMS from the comfort of your PC or laptop.
  • Customers and clients can text you on your main number, and you can reply from your PC, and keep a copy of your conversation stored on your computer.
  • Reply seamlessly back to the ORIGINAL sender’s SMS from Gmail, and your replies will appear to be “from” your mobile number where the app is installed.
  • You can store the SMS and your email reply on your own PC.
  • Great if you travel overseas. Leave your app-enabled phone at home and have all incoming SMS forwarded to your email address. Then view and reply from Gmail - your replies will come 'FROM' your app-enabled phone number.
  • IMPORTANT: The app-enabled phone has to be ON and able to receive/send SMS. Never leave a charging phone alone. It's a fire hazard. Leave with a relative, friend or staff. Also, if you are checking emails outside your home country, make sure you use wifi so it's cheaper (You would probably do this anyway!).
  • TIP: If you plan to take your app-enabled phone overseas with you, and want to receive texts while you're overseas, make sure you check with your telco if there's roaming costs, so you don't run up a huge bill. Telcos can be greedy and ruthless when it comes to roaming!
  • None of your texts or email data is stored on our servers. The server software only stores your UMEA which is just a long email address. View details in our Privacy Policy.

So what is the price of this subscription?

The in-app subscription is via GooglePlay. Pricing in Australian Dollars is $1.29 per month, and outside Australia it will be in your local currency. You can stop whenever you want and this will not affect the normal operation of the app (SMS and email forwarding), but your UMEA will be inactive and you won't be able to reply DIRECTLY from Gmail back to the original sender.

Any other costs I need to know about?

Your telephone and/or wifi provider may charge you for outbound text messages and data, as the app uses both. Please be wary of your providers' terms of use. Unless you go crazy with texts, this should not be an issue for you anyway.

So how do I subscribe to this extra service?

After you purchase the app and you decide that you want to subscribe to this extra service, simply tap the REPLY FROM EMAIL - SETUP button on the app's Home screen.

If you have any questions, please contact us on:


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optional email subscription