Reply From Phone 2. Optional In-App Subscription

Remote Reply "FROM" from your phone 1 "public" mobile number!

Optional paid subscription service

reply from second phone example

How Reply From Phone 2 works...a scenario:

  • You have 2 Android phones.
  • Phone 1 is you 'public' number.
  • Phone 2 is your 'private' number.
  • When people SMS Phone 1, forward all incoming SMS to Phone 2
  • Reply from Phone 2. Your reply COMES FROM Phone 1's public number (your private number is kept secret).

It's like a remote reply, but the original sender does not know you are reading and responding to their text from your private phone 2 number

reply from second phone example

How Does It Work?

When you purchase Auto Forward SMS for Android from Google Play, you have the option of enabling Reply From Phone 2.

The simple instructions are contained on the app.

You need to PAIR App 1/Phone 1 with App 2/Phone 2.

After PAIRING the apps on your phones, on Phone 1 (App 1), you can then setup FWD ALL INCOMING SMS to on-forward text messages to your Phone 2.

This service is managed via your Google Play account via Phone 2/App 2. You can subscribe or unsubscribe anytime you wish.

app pairing example

Quick Q&A

Q: What phones will this work on?

Both phones need to be Android. Our apps do not work on iPhones.

Q: Does my phone need to use wifi or be connected to the internet for REPLY FROM PHONE 2 to work?

Yes, the apps need an internet connection for the 2-way exchange to work.

...but be careful with mobile data, especially if you are roaming and traveling, as your telco might charge a higher price for accessing mobile data. Please check your rates with your mobile provider.

Q: What happens if I buy a new phone?

The Reply From Phone 2 subscription is managed via your Google Play account. On your NEW phone, login to your Google Play account from your new phone, and your subscription will be restored.

Q: What happens if I cancel the Reply From Phone 2 subscription? Can I still forward from Phone 1 to Phone 2?

Yes. The app will continue to work on Phone 1 as normal and will still forward any incoming SMS if you want it to. You just won't be able to reply 'remotely' from Phone 2.

Q: Will the conversation also appear on Phone 1?

Yes. You will see the exchange on both phones. Great for backup copies!

Phone 2/App 2 has its own MESSAGES screen with a SHARE function for backing up to your email or elsewhere. Plus all messages are duplicated in your phone's default text messaging app.

Okay, so what do I do now?

On Phone 1, purchase App 1 from Google Play. You will find instructions on how to pair with phone 2. If you already have app 1, just tap the button: REPLY FROM PHONE 2 - PAIRING SETUP.


So what's the price?

App 2 PAIRINGis free to download. If you want to subscribe to Reply From Phone 2, this will be 50c-99c approx per month in your local currency. You can stop the subcription anytime you wish. This will not affect normal forwarding on Phone 1 (but you won't be able to reply from Phone 2 anymore).

Any other costs I need to know about?

Your telephone and/or wifi provider may charge you for outbound text messages, as the app does use your phone's Messages app. If you are on a plan which includes free SMS, this is very cheap for you. But please be wary of your providers' terms of use.

If you have any questions, please contact us on:


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