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Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

  • The Auto Forward SMS App is owned and developed by SMS Response Australia Pty Ltd. We are committed to the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Commonwealth. This page describes SMS Response Australia's Privacy Policy.

  • By contacting us via email or form using this website, we lawfully and only collect personal information if it is necessary for our business to function. This information can include your business name, your name, email address, your telephone number. We do not collect sensitive information and have no need to. The app resides at Google Play Store, and may also be hosted on other app vendors, who are subject to privacy provisions as governed by their respective countries.

  • Any information you may share with us via this website (not via any apps stores) is not shared with anyone outside this company. Your details are private, and we have absolutely no need to share this anyway. This website is for information about Auto Forward SMS only, and the app is purchased via Google Play.

  • Under your instructions, the app accesses and reads incoming text messages and forwards these to the mobile numbers you specify. The app does not send any of this back to us at all as it operates on your phone handset.

  • Note, if you use the Forward To Email function or the low battery alert email option, the app needs to contact our server in order to access the APIs which 'translates' the SMS into an email, and forwards this email to the email address you specify. The forwarded email will come FROM This API merely acts as a 'translator' or electronic "handshake" and is not a database therefore cannot store any info from messages. Again we have no reason, or desire to collect data, as it's of no use to us whatsoever.

  • Also Note, we have recently introduced "push message" capability into the app (from V40+). What this means is, we can send a message to a phone from the app using a secure cloud-based messaging system called OneSignal, which is a trusted provider of secure messaging services. Your personal data is NOT collected at all..not even your phone number. The only details we know is a phone's make, the model, country, and what version of the app a phone has installed. There is no personally identifiable data whatsoever. And as we said earlier, even if we could, we would simply have no use for it anyway. So why push messages? We would only ever send you a message if there's important news like an upgrade or relevant app news. We DO NOT sell ads, and you'll hardly hear from us at all unless we have important news regarding the app. If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to contact us:

  • Our server is hosted with a secure and reliable Australian webhost which abides by the Australian Privacy Act.

  • Terms of Use and Important Notification

  • The SMS Messaging Application Auto Forward SMS ("the app") offered by SMS Response (Aus) Pty Ltd, to you (“the customer”) are governed by the following terms and conditions. Your Purchase and use of the Auto Forward SMS application constitutes agreement to the following terms of use:

  • Due to the nature of telecommunications and software applications, such as availability and reliability of message processing and transmission services, plus things beyond our control such as (but not limited to); your telecommunication provider's reliability, your phone being on and/ or in a good reception area, you having enough SMS credits to send SMS, user error in setting up, your recipients' phones not working or out of mobile range, and any other event beyond our control, SMS Reponse (Aus) Pty Ltd and its representatives cannot be held responsible for any injury or loss incurred by you, your company, or your recipients through the use of the app.

  • We STRONGLY advise you to never use the app as the "first response" or the only response or communication in any emergency or critical situation.

  • You must also not use the app to harass, stalk, frighten or spy on anybody. In most countries this is illegal.

  • By purchasing and using the app, you agree with the terms on this page.

  • If you have any queries whatsoever, do not hesitate to call or email us on the details below.

  • Phone 0414384799 or if outside Australia +61414384799

  • SMS 0414384799 or if outside Australia +61414384799

  • Email:

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