Privacy Policy & Terms Of Use

General Overview

The Auto Forward SMS App is owned and developed by SMS Response Australia Pty Ltd. We are bound by Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Commonwealth). This page describes SMS Response Australia's Privacy Policy and our firm promise to you that we will never, ever knowingly or willingly breach your privacy.

Data Collection - This website & If you contact us

If you contact us via email or form or the live chat via this website or directly from the app link or send us a text message requesting help, we usually keep a copy of your email or SMS so we can attend to your support query or request and follow up with you if necessary. Normally we only keep these emails for a maximum of 12 months, and SMS usually only for a month, then we delete them if we feel the issue is fully resolved. If you'd like us to delete all email or SMS correspondence immediately or after a shorter period, we are happy to do this. We do not ask or collect sensitive information and have no need to. Your information stays with us, and we never ever disclose to any person outside our company.

We use a Live Chat program that is hosted by a Canadian company called Comm100. We also use Google Analytics, which is owned by Google and hosted in the USA or UK. If you visit our website or use the Live Chat service for support, your browser may download a "cookie" that stores info on your browser. For more info on cookies, check out this info from Nortons.

The only info we can see is:

  • your IP address
  • most times a country
  • date and time of your visit
  • the length of your visit
  • the pages which you are on
  • the number of times you visited our site
  • sometimes a referring website
  • sometimes an email address if you volunteer this to us for followup
  • the operating system which your PC or phone has (Windows, Android, iPhone etc)

At the conclusion of any live chat, we don't save this data or recontact you unless you give us permission.

The Auto Forward SMS App

The app is sold via Google PlayStore, who are subject to privacy provisions as governed by their respective countries. We do not sell our app on any other stores. When you purchase the app, it is a native app downloaded to your phone. With your express permission, the app automatically reads incoming text messages and forwards these to the mobile numbers you specify. The app does not send any of this back to us at all as it operates on your phone handset and we don't see this at all. Even if we wanted to somehow access and store this data, apart from having no business case to do so, we are a small company. The costs of storing such data would cost us a ridiculous amount of money. That aside, we have absolutely no use for your data.

For any app sales or in-app subscription services, these are all purchased by you via your Google account. Google holds your information in countries such as the USA and UK subject to their own Privacy Settings along with your settings that you granted to Google and the permissions you granted within the app itself after installation (this is Android security). The only info we see after a sale is an order number and country and maybe phone type. There is no personally identifiable information that is shown to us via our Developer Account or from Google Payments.

SMS to SMS forwarding is not encrypted by our app, as you would need a decrypter at the other end to read the texts, so this would be very poor experience for recipients. However, SMS is generally secure by default as the data is encrypted by the telco networks themselves. Android also has many security features within your device by default.

The Auto Forward SMS App - Forward To Email Feature

If you use the Forward To Email function or the Low Battery Alert or Missed Call Notice email options, the app needs to contact our server in order to access server software (called an API) which 'translates' the forwarded SMS from your app-phone into an email, and forwards this email to the email address/es you specify. The forwarded email will come FROM This API merely acts as a 'translator' or electronic "handshake" and is not a database, therefore cannot store any info from any messages. Again we have no reason, or desire to collect data, as it's of no use to us whatsoever.

The data sent from your phone to our API, then from our server to an email client is encrypted.

The main website & API is hosted in Australia by VentraIP. We chose them because they have a strict privacy policy and are very reputable, and share a similar ethos of good customer service. The API also "talks to" SendGrid, which is our email sending service. On SendGrid, we can see delivery reports which only show a email address, subject line, and a status report. That is all. Email content is not shown in any reports. The status reports will show us if there's a problem with email delivery, such as bounces, blocks or spam reports. If there is unusual activity with an email address, we may reach out to that email address.

Note that we do refer to companies like Telegram and Slack and how you may be able to use Auto Forward SMS with these platforms. We are not affiliated with any third-party message services or platforms like the aforementioned, and not responsible if these third party services do not work.

Push Messaging & Bug Checking

Within the app's code, we have included code that can monitor app crashes and malfunctions, which is owned by Fabric, which in turn is owned by Google. Fabric's function is to send an alert to us when they are problems with the app, like a major crash. There is absolutely no way we can identify whose phone it was. Fabric simply provides the phone make and model and what the issue was. The information contain no personal data whatsoever.

More recently, we have included a logging feature in the app which keeps a record of your phone's system. This is so you can simply tap to email us a report if and when you have an issue. Otherwise it does nothing. This data is overwritten every 2 weeks, and any phones numbers or text are "asterisked out", meaning the numbers and letters are overwritten by * to disguise any data.

We also use a service called One Signal, hosted in the USA, which gives reports on how many apps are installed and the phone type and version of the app, plus the country. Again, there is no personal information. The reports are general and anonymous. If you have any concerns, we are happy to show you how this works.

One Signal also offers what's called "push message" capability and email (more on the email in next section). What this means is, we can send a message to your app via One Signal's server. The in-app message looks like a small red circle with a number on it indicating you have a message from us. You would likely have seen these with other apps, indicating an update is available. Your personal data is NOT known to us, and we do not know your phone number. The only details we know is a phone's make, the model, country, and what version of the app a phone has installed. There is no personally identifiable data whatsoever. We would only ever send you a message if there's important news like an upgrade or relevant app news. We DO NOT sell ads, and you'll hardly hear from us at all unless we have important news regarding the app. If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to contact us:

You can also view One Signal's Privacy Policy here.

Reply From Email Subscription Service - UMEA (Unique Mobile Email Address)

This is a completely optional in-app subscription, and you do not need to subscribe to this to operate the app as purely a forwarder. But we developed this feature from customer feedback. Many customers use the app to forward incoming SMS to their email address, as they find it easier to manage communications from within their email program, or they want to store a copy of incoming texts and replies in their own email inbox. So we developed the 'Reply From Email service. For this service to operate, the app uses One Signal plus the emailing facilities from SendGrid, who are a very reputable email broadcasting company based in the USA. The following info describes in detail how it all works in the background so you have a smooth process where you can reply to an SMS from the comfort of your email, and the receiver thinks you sent the reply from your phone (we hope it makes sense!)

Here's the process if you decide to subscribe to the in-app email reply service and use your UMEA.

Note that when we refer to a "server", this is VentraIP's server. The app sends a request to the server to register and create a new email address (your UMEA) based on your Google account. This UMEA uses the suffix of our subdomain: . Any UMEA numbers will then be hashed (##) and turned into a hex code representation so your actual number is never visible on the server.

When your phone receives an SMS that you have instructed the app to forward to your email address AND your EMAIL REPLY subscription is active, the following process happens:
  1. App sends a request to a program on the server to notify that a new SMS was received. The content of this request includes the incoming phone number of the SMS (the original sender), your email address to forward to. The software then issues instructions (via APIs) for both SendGrid and One Signal to One Signal.
  2. The server will store the your One Signal customer ID and your real email address to the database on the server.
  3. The server will instruct SendGrid to forward the incoming SMS as an email message and send this to YOUR real email address where you can view this in your email program (GMail, Outlook etc).
But that's not all. Here's where the server and the APIs do the heavy lifting. When you reply to that forwarded SMS, which has been turned into an email:
  1. The server will catch your reply email via a SendGrid "webhook" service (which is an efficient fast little virtual postman delivering data to other applications/APIs to make a service operate quickly).
  2. The server will extract the body and also the incoming phone number of the SMS from the email.
  3. The server will send a "push" notification to your app-enabled phone via One Signal service. This action requires user's One Signal ID which was saved earlier.
  4. Once your phone gets this 'push' instruction, it then sends your reply (which you sent from your email program) back to the ORIGINAL SENDER as a text message. So, the ORGINAL SENDER simply gets back an SMS reply from your phone.
  5. And the really important bit: the content of the email is NOT saved in the database or anywhere on the server

As you can see, it is quite a complicated process to make this work as turning a text message into an email, and vice versa is not straightforward. But our top priority is always security.

Reply From Phone 2 Subscription Service (PAIRING App 2)

In regards to the Reply From Phone 2 subscription service, all of this happens on your phones so we do not, and have no need to, collect any data from you at all. The PAIRING app joins up with your phone 1 (where main app is installed), and allows forwarding of any incoming SMS to Phone 1 to Phone 2 where the PAIRING app is installed. You can reply to the original sender from phone 2, and your reply will show it coming from Phone 1. This is actually how it happens - it DOES route back through your Phone 1. We use Firebase by Google for this process to happen. Firebase is a secure platform.

Hopefully this explanation helps you understand the process. We believe in being open about what we do, so at the risk of boring some people and "over sharing", well, we think Privacy and honesty are equal number one priorities. We have a moral, ethical, and financial obligation to protect our customers and be honest with you. Without you we are nothing, and we think privacy is a huge deal.

Customers From European Countries (EEA) And The GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation).

If you reside in the EEA, we store certain details (as discussed above) and process information about you only where we have legal basis for doing so under applicable EU laws. We collect and use your information only where it's required to enable the service to operate, provide technical support, and satisfies a legitimate interest that is not overridden by our duty to protect your data.

You have the absolute right to change your mind anytime, however note that this does not affect any processing that has already been done in the past. Where we are using your information because we or a third party (such as those mentioned above) have a legitimate interest to do so, you have the right to object to that use and demand that we remove any records we may hold. But this may mean no longer using the app.

We'd like to underline the fact that we use third-party services as mentioned above (Google, Google Firebase, SendGrid, VentraIP, OneSignal) to make the subscriptions happen. We chose these companies because of their commitment to privacy and being ethical operators, but we cannot be held responsible for any issues or problems that arise with these companies that may affect our app. If we become aware of any problems, we will notify you via a push message where possible, and on this website and remedy any situation as soon as possible.

Terms of Use and Important Notification

The SMS Messaging Application Auto Forward SMS ("the app") offered by SMS Response (Aus) Pty Ltd, to you (“the customer”) are governed by the following terms and conditions. Your Purchase and use of the Auto Forward SMS application constitutes agreement to the following terms of use:

Due to the nature of telecommunications and software applications, such as availability and reliability of message processing and transmission services, plus things beyond our control such as (but not limited to); your telecommunication provider's reliability, your phone being on and/ or in a good reception area, you having enough SMS credits to send SMS, user error in setting up, your recipients' phones not working or out of mobile range, and any other event beyond our control, SMS Reponse (Aus) Pty Ltd and its representatives cannot be held responsible for any injury or loss incurred by you, your company, or your recipients through the use of the app.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, SMS Response Australia Pty Ltd and its representatives make no other express warranties under this agreement, and disclaim all implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. SMS Response Australia Pty Ltd and its representatives do not warrant that the software will operate uninterrupted or that it will be free from defects or that it will meet your requirements.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless SMS Response Australia Pty Ltd, its representatives from and against any and all claims, charges, complaints, damages, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses (including legal fees) due to or arising from your use of the Software. SMS Response Australia Pty Ltd's aggregate liability and that of its representatives under or in connection with this agreement shall be limited to the amount paid for the software.

This License shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia without regard to any conflict of law provisions. Any dispute arising under this Agreement shall be resolved exclusively by the courts of the State of Victoria, Australia. If a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision or portion of these terms and conditions unenforceable, the remainder shall continue in full force and effect.

We STRONGLY advise you to never use the app as the "first response" or the only response or communication in any emergency or critical situation.

You must also NOT use the app to harass, stalk, frighten or spy on anybody. In most countries this is illegal.

Auto Forward SMS uses minimal data, and only uses your phone's default text message app to forward SMS. If you use the Forward to Email or Forward to API or any of our subscriptions, the app requires access to the internet either via wifi or mobile data, or a combo of both to ensure reliable service. This is common for most apps. However we are not responsible for any data costs or SMS fees, or your phone plan, or internet service fees you may incur using this app. This is entirely your responsibility. If you do not accept this, we are happy to refund you for the price of the app.

By purchasing and using the app, you agree with the terms on this page.

If you have any queries whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact us on: