The Backstory of Auto Forward SMS For Android

A regional fire officer called our office one afternoon and asked if we had a system that would automatically forward a specific SMS message to members of his brigade.

The officer’s phone receives fire alerts from the Control Centre when there’s an outbreak or an incident that his brigade must attend.

The officer told us that he spent at least 5 minutes of precious time forwarding on this SMS to his Brigade members. Many of the forwarding apps seem to forward ALL messages to a certain number. But as many people use their phones for both work and social, there was no app that would forward specific text messages from specific numbers to specific contacts that a user can dictate.

‘Can you do this on your phone?’ our manager asked. The officer had already investigated this and could not find an easy way to do this. So we decided to build one for him at no charge. Auto Forward SMS for Android was launched late May 2015. Auto Forward SMS allows users to quickly and easily tell your phone; “When I get a text from THIS number, forward it on to THESE people”.

You can have multiple SMS alerts received from different numbers and forwarded to the appropriate people. The app is very easy to use and setting up Tasks is intuitive.

Auto Forward SMS can be used for notifications, alerts, meetings, events, news stories, and warnings...any situation where people need to be kept in the loop. These warning texts can be automatically forwarded to your phone and/or email address, then on to your team members who need to know.

Auto Forward SMS for Android is available on Google PlayStore.

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