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  • The Auto Forward SMS for Android app can auto-share your incoming SMS to other people that you select, and it should work in countries where there is mobile phone reception.

  • For example, you buy a NEW phone with a new number, and you want to FWD ALL INCOMING SMS to your NEW phone. The app will also show the original sender's number on the forwarded SMS.

  • forward all incoming sms to another phone

  • Or you can Create Tasks to forward specific texts from specific numbers, name/word SenderID, to your selected Contacts and/or Groups.

  • forward certain text messages to your contacts

  • Auto Forward SMS uses simple text messaging and your receivers can have any phone type (iPhone, Nokia, Windows, Android etc).

  • View more info on Google Play

  • When we built this app, we realised there were many different uses for it, whether it be social or business or alerts. You can turn Fwd All Incoming SMS on/off without needing to uninstall. And with Create Tasks you can add, edit or delete your Tasks as you wish.

  • We've listed a few scenarios where the app would come in handy and save time fiddling through your Contacts lists to send important alerts automatically via SMS:

    • You have a new phone with a new number, but people have your old phone number. Install AFSMS app on your old phone and have all SMS forwarded to your new phone.

    • You have 2 phones ...a business phone (example: 615555555) and a personal phone (example: 614444444444). You want all SMS sent to your business phone forwarded to your personal phone. So you install the AFSMS app on your business phone, and create a Task telling the app to forward ALL incoming SMS to your personal phone....OR only those SMS containing certain keywords (e.g. SMS that contain the word "quote").

    • SMS Warnings - fire, flood, storm, hurricane, cyclone, tornado SMS warnings(see the IMPORTANT NOTICE below)

    • Event Management - have important text messages automatically forwarded to your staff if you're in meetings and expecting messages

    • Club Functions - have your SMS updates forwarded onto deputies and other staff

    • News Updates or Announcements - Have any important news alerts that you receive via SMS forwarded to other parties that need to know

    • If you are worried about your cell reception, you could setup a spare phone in a safe, secure location with good mobile/cell phone reception to receive warning SMS messages. These warning texts can be automatically forwarded to your phone and your selected contacts (we don't advise leaving your phone on a charger unattended as it's a fire hazard)

    • You're a member of a surf club and you've opted in to receive weather alerts from the weather bureau. You also want your 5 surf buddies to get these weather alerts so you can decide if you surf today. The weather bureau's number is 919919. Create a task within the app called Surf Alert FROM PHONE NUMBER 919919 and FORWARD TO your 5 surf buddies (you can Add Contacts from within the app and save these.) So now when you get a text message from the weather bureau, your 5 buddies will also receive this SMS forwarded from you automatically.

    • You're expecting important text messages from your biggest client, whose number is 678678. Tomorrow you'll be in meetings all day, and may miss important text messages from your client. Create a Task telling the app to forward SMS from 678678 to your 2 assistants Jill (phone number is 234234) and Jack (609609). So when you get SMS from 678678 (your client), the app will forward to numbers 234234 (Jill) and 609609 (Jack), so they can action any requests from your client in your absence. Once your meetings are done, simply delete the Task.

    View more info on Google Play

    *IMPORTANT NOTICE & DISCLAIMER We're confident the app does what it says (and we test it often). BUT there is no such thing as a 100% guarantee that your Contacts will get a forwarded SMS from your phone via the app. The app relies on external factors beyond our control, such as your telco's reliability, your phone being on and/ or in a good reception area, you having enough SMS credits, plus any errors in the software which may cause the app not to work. We strongly advise you not to use the app as the only "first response" in any emergency or critical situation. Always have a backup plan. By buying the app you acknowledge and agree with this statement. Please view our terms , or contact us with any questions.

    NOTE the app can forward text messages to ANY phone capable of receiving text messages: iPhone, Nokia, Windows etc

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