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FAQs & Troubleshooting

    Issues? Read this first

    Quick Troubleshoot Checklist

    • Phone (where app is installed) is switched on and able to send/receive SMS.

    • FORWARD TO number is formatted correctly:
      Forwarding overseas? You will probably need to add + and country code
      Forwarding within your own country? You may NOT need + or country code. If app fails to forward, remove + and see what happens.

      We are happy to test free from our phones. Please contact us if you need a test. CLICK HERE.

    • Some countries, like Saudi Arabia and India, have strict SMS filtering and Do Not Disturb register, and may block messages, especially if it's from a Name or Word SenderID. If you are not sure, or cannot find any info, please contact us and we can research this for you.

      For example: Uber or CIB or QNB or AGL etc etc. Ensure you haven't mistakenly entered a WORD SenderID (mobile number or word) as a KEYWORD.

      If you get SMS from a WORD, use Create Tasks instead and setup app to forward SMS received from the WORD/s. Add the SenderID to From Incoming Number or Word box.

    • Only want to forward SMS that contain certain words? You can tell the app to only forward SMS if the message contains specific KEYWORDS in the body of the incoming SMS. For more info, scroll down further to FAQs.

    • You are in a reliable mobile reception area. This applies to the app phone and the receiving phone/s. If you are out of range of a mobile cell tower, then your phone cannot send or receive text messages from anybody.

    • If you haven't rebooted your phone in a while, try powering off and back on. Many of our customers have found this simple step works. Mobile phones are mini computers, and need a regular reboot.

    • Also check the phone you RECEIVE the forwarded SMS on. Phones that have not been powered off/on for a while can stop receiving texts (I can speak from personal experience)

    • If you have a pre-paid mobile phone, ensure your phones have enough credit to receive/send SMS.
      NOTE: If your telco starts sending out-of-credit alerts, this can create a PING PONG as your Phone 1 cannot send, so your telco sends you a reply text to tell you can see how ping pong happens!

      If this ping pong happens just toggle app to OFF, then reboot your phone to stop the ping pong. (you'll obviously need to topup your credits via your telco).

    • Get lots of SMS? Check your phone's Text Message Limit is not set too low.

    • Try clearing the phone's cache and data usually in em>Settings > More > Application Manager >Auto Forward SMS. From there you can Clear Data and Clear Cache.

    • No security or spam blocks or settings on the sending and receiving phones

    • You don't have Power Saving, Restrict Background Data or Application Manager restrictions interfering with the app

      If this happens just toggle app to OFF, then reboot your phones to stop the ping pong. Toggle app phone back on.

    • Still need help?
      Email us:

    • Or use our Live Chat:

    • We're in Australia so please allow for timezone delays in responding to you.


    • Q: Does this app allow me to spy or get messages from another phone?
      A: No. Auto Forward SMS is NOT a spying app.

    • Q: Does my phone need to be connected to wifi or the internet?
      A: No, as the app uses your phone's default SMS app to forward from your phone, not internet or wifi.

      But if you have your SMS forwarded to email, then you may need to have wi-fi to read your GMail or Outlook or email app on your phone. This has nothing to do with our app as it simply converts forwarded texts to an email and sends it to your email address. The app has no control over the email end or your email program.

    • Q: Will it work on a dual SIM phone?
      A: We tested with a cheap dual SIM phone with SIM cards in both and the results were poor. The dual SIM phone seemed to be confused and would not forward to the other SIM. We did use a cheap Android phone to test, so be keen to hear your feedback.

      But if you just use 1 SIM card in a dual SIM phone, and set that 1 SIM as the default SIM for texting, then forward incoming SMS to a different phone, it should work just fine, and our tests also worked when there was just 1 SIM.

    • Q: What Android phone do I install the app on?
      A: Install Auto Forward SMS on the phone you need to forward SMS FROM. For example if you want SMS forwarded from your OLD phone to your NEW phone, install the app on your OLD phone. Your new phone or your receipients do not need the app.

    • Q: I have other messaging apps on my phone. Will this interfere with Auto Forward SMS?
      A: We know that Textra can interfere with our app, but others like WhatsApp, Facebook Message, etc should not. If you have one of these external apps as your default SMS handler and you're having issues with Auto Forward SMS, test by switching your phone back to your phone's Android default Messaging or Message app and see if that makes a difference. We're happy to help you test this. Please let us know if you do experience issues and we will aim to fix right away.

    • Q: I get SMS from a WORD or NAME, rather than a number. How do I forward these with a WORD SenderID?
      A: Easy, and a lot of our customers have this situation.

      Simply Create Task and input the Word into the From Number field (for example WorldBank or AGL POWER). See also back up the top section of this page: DO YOU GET SMS FROM A WORD, NOT A NUMBER?.

    • Q: I need to auto-forward only those text messages with KEYWORDS in the message, like "tennis".
      A: No problem. The app offers you options to only on-forward texts containing specific word/s. This KEYWORD filtering function works in both Forward All Incoming SMS mode or Create Tasks.

      Here's an example of how the keywords filter works:

      Example 1 (strict):
      KEYWORDS: chocolate cake

      Will only forward if both words chocolate cake are received IN THAT ORDER. Will NOT fwd if single word chocolate or cake or cake chocolate.

      Example 2:
      KEYWORDS: chocolate, cake

      This will forward if any of those words are received together or singly in ANY order.

      NOTE that keywords only work on BODY OF SMS not the Sender (SenderID - who SMS is from). More info on this see: DO YOU GET SMS FROM A WORD, NOT A NUMBER? up the top in Troubleshooting section..

    • Remember that Tasks work independently from FWD ALL INCOMING SMS.

      You can have Tasks and FWD ALL INCOMING SMS running at the same time, but remember that the FWD ALL INCOMING SMS will also fwd ALL incoming SMS from Tasks too.

      If you only need to forward incoming SMS from certain numbers to certain people (in Create Tasks), then don't have FWD ALL INCOMING SMS switched on.

    • Q: Do I need to uninstall the app if I want to pause forwarding?
      A: No. That would indeed be annoying. Both FWD ALL and MANAGE TASKS have ON/OFF toggle switches.

    • Q: Do my recipients need to have the auto forward sms app on their phones?
      A: No. As the app is forwarding basic text messages, they will be received on any phone type (iPhone, Windows, Doogee etc).

    • Q: How will I know who forwarded messages are from?
      A: If you use Forward All Incoming SMS function, the SMS forwarded to Phone 2 will have the original sender's phone number appended to the end of the fwded SMS, which you can tap to open an option screen.

      If you have that person in your phone 2 Contacts, you can see who that number belongs to.

    • Q: Can I respond to the ORIGINAL sender from a forwarded SMS? WITH CAUTION!
      A: NOTE that the app is not a chat app. Howver, because the "Fwd All Incoming SMS" feature appends the ORIGINAL sender's phone number to the end of the forwarded SMS (on your Phone 2), this displays as a link on most phones, and you can reply to the ORIGINAL sender...BUT READ FOLLOWING CAREFULLY...

      To reply to the ORIGINAL SENDER (NOT back to Phone 1 app phone) just tap the phone number at the end of the forwarded SMS. Your phone should open an option screen. If you have the contact already stored in Phone 2 then it should show you the name of the original sender too.

      Remember that you will be replying to the ORIGINAL sender from Phone 2's number (not Phone 1), so if you do not want the ORIGINAL sender to know your Phone 2 number, don't reply from Phone 2.

      WARNING: VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT REPLY TO PHONE 1 (app) FROM PHONE 2 as you will play phone ping pong! If this happens simply toggle app on Phone 1 OFF and reboot phone to stop texts. Then toggle Phone 1 back ON.

    • Q: With forward all SMS function, do I need to uninstall the app when I don't need it?
      A: No. Simply toggle OFF/ON.

    • Q: I have an older Android. Will it work?
      A: AFSMS should work on any Android phone 4+ in most countries where SMS is available. If you have a new model and have issues, please contact us and we'll run some tests for you.

    • Q: Where can I view received & sent/forwarded SMS?
      A: View in and sent SMS where you normally would in your phone's defualt messaging app.

    • Q: I have a tablet. Will this app work on that?
      A: Only if the tablet can receive/send text messages and has an Android operating system.

    • Q: Can picture messages (MMS) be forwarded?
      A: At this stage, no. But in Fwd All mode, you will receive an alert on your 2nd phone and/or email if an MMS arrives. It's not perfect we know, and MMS forwarding is something we are working on, and hope to release in a future update.

    • Q: Will the app work if my phone is off or out of range?
      A: Auto Forward SMS will only work when your phone is switched on, in a mobile/cell phone reception area, and can receive text messages. Same with your recipients.

      NOTE: if you're on a PRE-PAID PLAN with your telco and run out of credit on your AFSMS-enabled phone, error texts from your provider may create a LOOP.

      If this happens, toggle the FORWARD ALL function OFF momentarily. Then simply top up your credits with your telco, reboot your phone, then toggle app back ON. Please contact us if you need help with this.

    • Q: I'm having trouble forwarding to my destination phone. Why?
      A: If you're in the USA example: if you have 12XXXXXXX as forward-to number (with 1 as the country code for USA), instead try: 2XXXXXXX (no country code).

      For sending overseas you will need the country code and may also need the + in front of the number (example: +614XXXXXXX or +12XXXXXXX). We recommend trying a few options.

      We've noticed that UK numbers may need the + added. Every country and telephone company have their own rules. If you have issues please contact us and we can do some live testing from our office in Australia.

    • Q: I keep getting an alert from my phone: "Autoforwardsms application is trying to send a large amount of SMS. Do you reject or accept?" Why?
      A: This alert is a security feature in some Android phones if you try to send bulk SMS and is not a fault of our app. In your phone's Settings > Text message limit, you should be able to change this amount.

      In one of our Galaxy Note2 phone our Text Message Limit was set to 200. But one of our customers who alerted us to this issue had his set to 50 and could not change unless he routed his ASUS phone, which is usually not a good idea! The workaround was to create smaller Groups under 50 numbers

    • Q: The app is only working sometimes.
      A: On some phones, if you Restrict Background Data or use other battery-saving settings to save power, this may interfere with some apps like Auto Forward SMS.

      Do not restrict Auto Fwd SMS and allow it to run normally. Newer Androids allow you to Whitelist apps so they still run even when the battery/power saver is on, so check that Auto Fwd SMS is on the whitelist. But if you still have issues please contact us and tell us your phone model and Android version so we can investigate.

    • Q: I have more than 1 phone number assigned to a Contact..when I add that Contact to a Task the app adds all the numbers for that Contact!! Why??
      A: If you have more than 1 number assigned to a Contact, then yes it will fwd to all those numbers.

      Workaround is to manually type their number in, which you can do via the Add Number buttons in Create Task and Create Group.

    • Need help?

      We are real people with a real office and will answer your questions promptly


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