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From March 9, Google is forbidding apps which auto-forward text messages (SMS) to another MOBILE NUMBER.

Auto Forward SMS has this function, and we need to make some drastic changes so the app can no longer automatically generate a text message from your phone.

The SUBSCRIPTIONS REPLY FROM PHONE 2 and REPLY FROM EMAIL also auto generate an SMS from your phone, so these will eventually stop working.

NOTE that Forwarding to email and Forward/POST to URL/API are NOT affected.

Are you a current customer?

Existing customers, the app you have installed now on your phone will work as normal. No need to do anything different for now. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE INFO

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  • Ensure you have the very latest version of Auto Forward SMS installed on your phone.

  • Your phone (where app is installed) is switched on and able to send/receive SMS.

  • FORWARD TO number is formatted correctly:
    Forwarding overseas: Try adding + and country code. Do not include any local area code zeroes (example: 070. Try 70).

    If app still fails to forward, remove + and try again. Some countries may block non-local SMS.

    Forwarding within your country? You may NOT need + or country code.

  • Some countries, like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and India, have inbound SMS blocking on some SMS, especially those FROM a Word SenderID/CallerID. If your SenderID is a word, test FROM a number.

  • App keeps stopping? Ensure Power Saving, Restrict Background Data or Application Manager restrictions are not interfering with the app.

    - App needs to Run In Background
    - Needs reliable internet access to forward to email, with the PAIRING app, or URL (via wifi and/or mobile data)
    - NOT be optimized
    - Needs to be Whitelisted (or NOT on BLACKLIST) so your phone does not 'doze' it.
    - NOT be included in Smart Manager or Smart Cleaner.

  • Try a reboot or restart of your PHONE. Many of our customers have found this simple step works. Mobile phones are mini computers, and need a regular reboot.

  • Also check the phone you RECEIVE the forwarded SMS on. Phones that have not been powered off/on for a while can stop receiving texts

  • If you have pre-paid phone, ensure your phones have enough credit to receive/send SMS.NOTE: If your telco starts sending out-of-credit alerts, this can create a PINGPONG. To stop pingpong, toggle FWD ALL INCOMING to OFF, reboot your phone. Toggle back ON when ready.

  • Get lots of SMS? Check your phone's Text Message Limit is not set too low.

  • No security or spam blocks or settings on the sending and receiving phones

  • Not getting emails? Check your email spam filter. NOTE: If you switch wifi/internet off, it may take a while for forwarded texts to 'catch up'. Our testing has found delays from 5 mins to 1 hour.

  • Still not working? Contact us ASAP for free support. CLICK HERE.

If you have installed App 2 PAIRING and not sure what to do next, this may help you.

The PAIRING app (App 2) must PAIR with your other Phone (Phone 1) which has our main App 1 installed. Otherwise it cannot work.

► Phone 1 is the 'master' mobile phone where App 1 is installed. It is a paid app (once-only)
► Phone 2 is the remote mobile phone where App 2 PAIRING is installed. (free to download but PAIRING is a cheap monthly subscription)
► Phone 2 PAIRS with Phone 1 and mirrors Phone 1's SMS while PAIRED

If you have installed App 2 PAIRING on the wrong phone, this is easily fixed by uninstalling it, and viewing the directions below to install App 1 on your Phone 1 'master'. Just remember that you need to use the same Google account email for both apps.

Q: Is the phone you're holding now your MASTER phone (Phone 1)?

Then you need to uninstall the App 2 PAIRING and instead install App 1 on your MASTER phone (Phone 1).

App 1 has easy instructions for PAIRING and you can SMS the App 2 PAIRING link directly to your Phone 2.


App 1 is located here on Google PlayStore (note App 1 is a paid app): With Phone 1 TAP HERE

After installing App 1 on your MASTER Phone 1, tap the button REPLY FROM PHONE 2 - PAIRING SETUP and follow the easy instructions for how to get App 2 on Phone 2, plus PAIRING with your Phone 2.

Q: Is the phone you're holding now your REPLY phone (Phone 2)?

If you don't have App 1 installed on your OTHER MASTER Phone (Phone 1), you need to do this for pairing to work. Please grab PHONE 1 and follow the above directions for installing App 1 on Phone 1. Then you should be able to PAIR the 2 devices after subscribing via App 2 PAIRING.

Hopefully the below image will help you visualise the process. If you need help, please email us.

reply from second phone example

Some newer phones can 'snooze" or "doze" apps to save power. Auto Forward SMS is prone to this because you don't need the app open to work. So your phone thinks it's not in use, and puts it to sleep.

Some phones may also restrict access to the internet, so you'll need to change some phone Settings to allow smooth function. Phone Settings are located in different places, so this guide can help you locate the appropriate Settings:

Settings > Apps & Notifications

Tap then find Auto Forward SMS. Look for....


Ensure all permissions are ON

Data Usage:

Background Data:
Enable usage of mobile data in the background

Unrestricted data usage:
Allow unrestricted data access when Data Saver is on


Battery optimisation: Not optimised

Settings > Battery

Background activity manager

Ensure Auto Forward SMS is NOT blacklisted

Settings > Network & Internet


Wi-Fi preferences OR Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep: Always
Advanced > Switch to mobile data automatically: ON
NOTE: This is for reliable forwarding to email or URL/API if you are not in wifi range.
WARNING: Ensure your mobile data plan allows this and you are not paying high fees for roaming or excess data etc. We are not responsible for any data costs. Please check with your phone provider if you're unsure.

Still not working? Contact us to do live tests. CLICK HERE.

Our PDF User Guide covers all of Auto Forward SMS' functions. Download it HERE

We also offer you the ability to reply to a forwarded SMS from your PHONE 2, and the reply goes back to the original sender FROM PHONE 1 number. This means you can reply 'remotely', and not reveal your second number to the sender.

To do this, you need to PAIR Phone 1 (where app is installed), then install the PAIRING app on Phone 2 then pair the apps. Instructions are in the apps.

To pair PHONE 1 and PHONE 2 to reply remotely, both phones must be Androids.

More info here: Reply From Phone 2 Subscription Service

Your phones must have internet connection for the remote replies to work.

To disable pairing, on Phone 2 tap UNPAIR. Note your previous messages will be restored when you re-PAIR.

If you use Auto Forward SMS to forward incoming texts to your email address, this optional subscription service allows you to reply to those SMS from GMail, the app converts it back to an SMS reply "FROM" your mobile number. There's more info here: Reply From Email Subscription Service

IMPORTANT TIP: When replying to a forwarded text from Gmail, DO NOT CHANGE THE EMAIL SUBJECT LINE.

If you subscribe to Reply From Email Subscription Service but your replies are not going back to the original sender, please check the following:

1. You are using the same Gmail account for the app and your Gmail email address (essentially the same email address for both);

2. Your internet connection is stable/working. The app needs the internet for this service.

3. You are replying from Gmail on your PC, or the Gmail app on your phone, and NOT running your Gmail email via Outlook or iPhone email programs. The Reply function ONLY works with Gmail, so if you do not have Gmail app, please install it on your PC via your browser and/OR install the Gmail app on your phone, and try again.

4. Your email is blocked. Contact us and we can check that your email is not blocked by our sending partner Send-Grid.

Email us if you need help:support@autoforwardsms.com

For example: Uber or CIB or QNB or AGL etc etc. Ensure you haven't mistakenly entered a WORD SenderID (mobile number or word) as a KEYWORD.

If you get SMS from a WORD, use Create Tasks instead and setup app to forward SMS received from the WORD/s. Add the SenderID to From Incoming Number or Word box.

Please note that some countries like India and Indonesia may block SMS from Word senders. Also India has a Do Not Disturb register which can also affect forwarding to another number. If you have any issues we are happy to help you test.

This is an Android notification telling you that AFSMS wants to show you Low Battery Warnings. But when you tap the notice, it will not go away..

auto fwd sms

Here's how to stop it:

  1. Tap & HOLD the notice until it shows you more options with a toggle switch. See image below
  2. Toggle the switch to OFF and the notice should go away.
auto fwd sms

Sort of. Oppo is a lovely phone but it has many quirks. Our tests have shown that Oppo does NOT like you using the Android Messages app. It only works well if you use the Oppo default Messages app. It has a strange habit of 'nesting' SMS from unknown senders.

Our tests have also shown that Oppo will not forward SMS unless you approve it, but it WILL FORWARD EMAILS..so it half works! Feels free to offer us any tips!

At this stage, no. But in Fwd All mode, you will receive an alert on your 2nd phone and/or email if an MMS arrives. It's not perfect we know, and MMS forwarding is something we are working on, and hope to release in a future update.

Also note that if you are in a messaging group and someone sends you a group message, this may be sent to you as an MMS therefore won't be forwarded, but you will still get an alert.

There is a Setting in your default Messages app that should change this behaviour and allow them to be SMS instead of MMS. Try this: In your Android Messages app, tap: Settings > Advanced > Group Messaging > select Send an SMS reply to all recipients and get individual replies (mass text)This screenshot may also help:

auto fwd sms

Most times your phone will treat Group messaging as MMS. Our app cannot forward MMS. But this Settings change may solve the problem: In your Android Messages app, tap Settings > Advanced > Group Messaging > select Send an SMS reply to all recipients and get individual replies (mass text) See screenshot example below:

auto fwd sms

Most issues with email forwarding delays are internet connection issues. The app needs the internet to forward to your email. If the first time fails, Auto Forward SMS will retry every 15 minutes for 24 hours. If there is no internet connection after 24 hours, a notification: "Unstable internet connection. Could not fwd your SMS to email. Check your WiFi or mobile data Settings" will show.

Other things to check:

  • Test with a different email address. If it works with different email, then it's likely that the forwarded SMS to your email address is being blocked. Check your Spam/Junk folder, and white-list our domain autoforwardsms.com with your email provider if it is being sent to your spam folder.
  • Your Battery Saver Mode is not stopping the app. Make sure the app is white-listed in your phone's Settings.
  • Have you had wi-fi or internet connection issues? Most functions of this app will need the internet to forward SMS (except for straight SMS to SMS forwarding).

Contact us if you need help and we can assist you with testing. We can also run a report on your email address via our email provider SendGrid to see if your email is being blocked.

We do have an optional in-app subscription service where you can reply remotely back to the ORIGINAL sender from the PHONE 2 but it will come FROM your PHONE 1. More info here: Reply From Phone 2 Subscription Service

If the Reply From Phone 2 subscription is not appropriate, you CAN reply to the ORIGINAL SENDER by tapping the phone number at the end of the forwarded SMS. Your phone should open an option screen to allow replying. (Don't reply back to your Phone 1 or you will play pingpong! If pingpong happens, toggle app OFF & reboot phone. Then toggle Phone 1 back ON.)

Remember that you will be replying to the ORIGINAL sender from Phone 2's number (not Phone 1), so if you do not want the ORIGINAL sender to know your Phone 2 number, don't reply from Phone 2 or subscribe to our Reply From Phone 2 Subscription Service


Please view the dedicated page for this function here

No. Auto Forward SMS is NOT a spying app. You cannot retrieve messages from another phone. The app will only forward messages from your Android phone.

For basic SMS to SMS forwarding, no. The app uses your phone's default SMS app to forward from your phone.

But YES if you forward to email and/or use REPLY FROM EMAIL service or the Reply From Phone 2 service, then your phone will need to be connected to the internet via wifi or mobile data.

If you are off wi-fi for a while then switch back on, it may take some time for the app to catchup and forward the emails. Let us know if you have issues.

If the app starts forwarding emails erratically, this usually means that your Internet connection may not be consistent, or the app is in "snooze" or "doze" mode, or the app doesn't have have Internet access. Please check your Power, battery and wifi settings. If you need more help please contact us for free testing.

Our tests with newer phones worked fine with 2 SIMS but older phones, not good. Let us know if you have any issues.

Install Auto Forward SMS on the phone you need to forward SMS FROM. For example if you want SMS forwarded from your OLD phone to your NEW phone, install the app on your OLD phone. Your new phone or your recipients do not need the app.

We know that Textra can interfere with our app, but others like WhatsApp, Facebook Message, etc should not. If you have one of these external apps as your default SMS handler and you're having issues with Auto Forward SMS, test by switching your phone back to your phone's Android default Messaging or Message app and see if that makes a difference. We're happy to help you test this. Please let us know if you do experience issues and we will aim to fix right away.

No problem. The app offers you options to only on-forward texts containing specific word/s. This KEYWORD filtering function works in both Forward All Incoming SMS mode or Create Tasks.

Here's an example of how the keywords filter works:

Example 1 (strict):
KEYWORDS: chocolate cake

Will only forward if both words chocolate cake are received IN THAT ORDER. Will NOT fwd if single word chocolate or cake or cake chocolate.

Example 2:
KEYWORDS: chocolate, cake

This will forward if any of those words are received together or singly in ANY order.

NOTE that keywords only work on BODY OF SMS not the Sender (SenderID - who SMS is from). More info on this see: DO YOU GET SMS FROM A WORD, NOT A NUMBER? up the top in Troubleshooting section..

Remember that Tasks work independently from FWD ALL INCOMING SMS.

You can have Tasks and FWD ALL INCOMING SMS running at the same time, but remember that the FWD ALL INCOMING SMS will also fwd ALL incoming SMS from Tasks too.

If you only need to forward incoming SMS from certain numbers to certain people (in Create Tasks), then don't have FWD ALL INCOMING SMS switched on.

No. That would indeed be annoying. Both FWD ALL and MANAGE TASKS have ON/OFF toggle switches.

In Fwd All Incoming SMS, the forwarded SMS will have the original sender's details appended to the end of the fwded SMS, including their name (if in your Phone 1 Contacts). In Create Tasks, this is an option.

View IN and SENT SMS where you normally would, in your phone's default messaging app.

Yes you can. First: set Auto Forward SMS to forward incoming SMS to your email address. Then setup your Slack account to receive your email. Instructions from Slack are here: Send emails to Slack

You should be able to do this with any apps that can receive an email.

Yes you can, but via email. So firstly, setup Auto Forward SMS to forward incoming SMS to a GMail address. Then you can forward SMS to your GMail address by using Telegram "bots" and allowing Telegram access to your GMail account. This may be fiddly, but there's some instructions on this website: Forward emails to Telegram

There's also info here on IFTTT for forwarding Gmail emails to Telegram.

You should be able to do this with similar OTT (over the top) apps, as long as you can forward an email (or SMS) to them.

No. Auto Forward SMS will only work when your phone is switched on, in a mobile/cell phone reception area, and can receive text messages. Same with your recipients.

If you tried to reply via SMS from PHONE 2 directly back to PHONE 1 (where app is) then you will create a ping pong effect!

Also if you're on a PRE-PAID PLAN with your telco and run out of credit on your AFSMS-enabled phone, error texts from your provider may will also create ping pong.

If this happens, toggle the FORWARD ALL function OFF momentarily. Then (if the credit is the issue) simply top up your credits with your telco, reboot your phone, then toggle app back ON. Please contact us if you need help with this.

If you're in the USA example: if you have 12XXXXXXX as forward-to number (with 1 as the country code for USA), instead try: 2XXXXXXX (no country code).

For sending overseas you will need the country code and may also need the + in front of the number (example: +614XXXXXXX or +12XXXXXXX). We recommend trying a few options.

We've noticed that UK numbers may need the + added. Every country and telephone company have their own rules. If you have issues please contact us and we can do some live testing from our office in Australia.

This alert is a security feature in some Android phones if you try to send bulk SMS and is not a fault of our app. In your phone's Settings > Text message limit, you should be able to change this amount.

On one of our test phones our Text Message Limit was set to 200. But one of our customers who alerted us to this issue had his set to 50 and could not change unless he routed his ASUS phone, which is usually not a good idea! The workaround was to create smaller Groups under 50 numbers

If you have more than 1 number for any contacts in your phone's address book/contacts app, then yes it will fwd to all those numbers.

Workaround is to manually type their number in (or copy/paste from your Contacts app), which you can do via the Add Number buttons in Create Task and Create Group.

Easy! Both of our subscriptions (Reply From Email and Reply From Phone 2) are totally optional, so you can stop the subscriptions anytime and just use the app for basic forwarding. To unsubscribe, browse to our app on Google Play and Manage Subscriptions. See screenshot example below:

stop auto fwd sms subscriptions

Still need help?

Please email us: support@autoforwardsms.com

Or use our Live Chat (if we're not online you can email us via live chat button):

We're in Australia so please allow for timezone delays. Thank you.